How to Apply Mass Changes to Your Magento Products

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Published: 30th November 2010
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Magento Users might be using several methods of making mass changes to their products. The decision of the type of method will rely on the user's objective. A store owner may possibly decide to work with the Magento Built-in Mass product updater, try PHP direct SQL query to replace their Magento products. These methods are effective though they require some time to each product attribute using a few seconds before the completion. Users are able to save time and effort using the Magento Store Manager, which comes with a user friendly desktop with almost basic operations offered as tabs.

Magento managers should find out the different types of Magento products in order to properly try the Magento Store Manager on each. Magento product types consist of:

- Grouped products- This product type enables them to arrange a new product from the previously existing types. They cannot, however, set a particular group price from their product page and would therefore should arrange a new shopping price rule.

- Configurable product- This type offers the users' buyers a opportunity to select a variant from the options provided by inputting their own attributes for example color and size.

- Virtual Products- this is a product type which is not accessible in virtual or actual physical form and so they neither be shipped or downloaded. Magento users should also know that such products purchases in a one time purchase and they don't have an in built way of a managing the subscriptions that are auto renewable.

- Bundle product type are those products that Magento shopping cart users can use in circumstances that warrant the choice of a several configurable choices.

- Downloadable products types- these are just like the virtual product though they include the capability to download. magento store owners can upload the files using the Admin interface or straightly upload them in the server via the FTP. In case a consumer wants to purchase the downloadable product Magento will generate an encrypted link that is secure so that the clients can not find the real file location.

MStore manager for Magento includes a feature that would permit the user to make mass changes with the product types. They will try the mass product changer feature to conduct distinct modifications together with changes in pricing, quantity along with Stock. This feature also permits them to view the various kinds of changes they have made so as to make the necessary changes just before approving them. The modifications would be applied to all types of products on their database. They will also be able to change attributes for example meta, images descriptions and design for all stores or for specific products.

This features' advantage for the mass changes is that Magento user will be able to save time that he would have used when carrying out the modifications one by one. They will even reduce the risks of human errors which are usually featured once they manually change the various products attributes.


Steve Twinn works for MagneticOne as a marketing assistant. MagneticOne is an innovative software development company, developing Store Managers and modules for various shopping carts (osCommerce, CRE Loaded, X-Cart, Zen Cart, Pinnacle Cart, Magento, CubeCart). With its user friendly interface you may easily make and do mass changes with, Magento Configurable products and other Magento product types.

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